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Trouble Finding a series that is listed on

Mar 23, 2010 at 6:37 PM

Hi I am Robert,


First off let me say that I think this is a really great program.  I love how when it finds info on a series it pulls all the art and episode infor for all season and MAKES thumbnails for you..  I even found that I can set up a folder structure for the series without andy actual files in them and it will still pull all the as I add shows to it, the info is already there...pretty cool.

I am having a small problem with finding some shows though.  I was using MetaBrowser before (which required me to babysit the darn thing to pull info...anyway I am looking for House (you know the crazy doctor guy) and Merlin (2008), a BBC (cool show..check it out)....anyway they show up on the main site in the search, and metabrowser halts when searching for the initial file so that I can pick one.  Is there a way that I can type out or see the exact way that it must be typed for your program to find it?  I don't mind having to do it exactly, just need to know where to look to find the answers. 


Thanks in advance, again I love the app!!