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Will be starting work again soon on this....!!!

Apr 19, 2009 at 3:13 AM
Hello all,  I will be starting work on this project again soon.   I have listed out a few things that I want to work on, and if anyone is up to helping me brainstorm some ideas, it would be helpful.   And even if anyone wants to help me in the development, that would be even better..

Here is my plans.

Perform a directory call, storing it to local file, or just in memory
Parsing the list of directories for series names
Open each directory to see if a hidden file "tvmetadatafinder.ini" exists, and if so, then read it.  This file will contain the information that will cross reference it from thetvdb service.
If it doesn't exist, then it will make a call out to the service and get a list of series that may match it and show it on a wizard that will allow the user to select the show name, and it will then store the ID in to that file.
It will then go through and make sure that each tv show is indexed, and if it finds one that is not, then it will rename it, index it, etc..  It will have a check list of items for each episode that it needs.  If it finds that one item such as the image itself is missing, it will try to capture it, and if it finds it, it will download it, and if not, it will attempt to create on.
Apr 20, 2009 at 1:52 PM
Edited Apr 20, 2009 at 3:55 PM
Hi Bill,

I would be happy to brainstorm with you - i have a few ideas and suggestions.  Sorry i don't think i can help with coding as my programming skills are limited, However i can put together some compilied HTML help for you that can be included with the product and anything else i can help with i am happy to do so.

Some ideas...
* Multiple paths that are monitored
* Option to check for a given path is TV or Movie or even Music or Music Video could be options to include given there are databases for all of these types out there in the cloud. - So i am suggesting combining the Meta search for all these types and just call it Media Meta Search as a suggestion.
* At first run, a wizard to set the default options...
* Option to change default internet database for meta data downloads

Will come back with some more as i think on this more as i only just started playing with this great tool today :D

Apr 20, 2009 at 5:54 PM
Glad to hear you're back.

Some more ideas:
*Option to make a copy of the file in a directory, rename it and get metadata. The reasoning behind this is that I use Utorrent to dl tv shows automatically and seed them back. TVMetaData Finder cannot rename the file if it's in use. So by making a copy of the file, TVMetadatafinder can rename the copy and get the metadata. After I have seeded back the proper ratio of the original file, it will be deleted, leaving the updated copy.
*Have the option to make a copy of a file to a different directory (based on the file name) and run tvmetadata on the new location. That way we can have the downloaded files in a seperate "staging" area for seeding and what not while putting the updated file in it's proper directory for use in PVR software.

I like the idea to include movies as well ( as other types and have an option set for the type of files in a given path location (i.e. what type of files are in this direcory movies, tv shows, music..etc..) , then use the proper website. I know this would require reprogramming the application, but it's just a suggestion.

A directory call and ini file would probably be quicker if using the show id's.

The process I have now (saving the .my file for SageTV) is the files download from utorrent automatically. I have to wait till the show has seeded for the proper ratio,remove it from Utorrent (so it's not in use) and then manually run TVMetadatafinder. Although it only takes a minute or two, I still have to do it manually. Even though tvmetadtafinder checks directories for new files, it cannot rename it if it's in use. I need to work around this.

Thanks for listening.