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Single drop folder

Aug 31, 2009 at 7:50 PM


It would be good if this app could monitor a single folder.

for example, you put a file in c:\mynewmediafiles the file is in the format


You would have to look for the pattern s[nn]e[nn] as most files use . for s space.

s[nn] and e[nn] are season and episode numbers.

The app could create the correct folder struct ( if its not there) and move the file into it.

This would be very useful as you could put ALL your files in one place and they would find or create the correct destination folder.

Also, I can code I do it for a job, I have been coding for 15 years and I have working with C# since it was in its first betas. but.. I don’t have much free time.... but if you are really needed some help I would be happy to make some time.




 I am running this app on win7 64bit and it does crash n hang allot :(