Project Description
TV Meta Data Finder - Open Source
Original Source Developed by Bill Daugherty II, continued work by: Steve Drake
For questions please email

Works Great with Media Browser for the Media Center!!!

TV Meta Data Finder is a utility used to once replace Sam Saffrons Scraper because at one point the API for thetvdb has changed. (The script tvdb_scraper.rb is found on the site:, it was recently updated so its now usable also.)

  • This is a compleate rebuild of the application, everything is faster, and no more hangups
  • User interface that allows you to choose the directory of where you would like to start the indexing of your TV Shows
  • Works very well with Sams Video Browser (I am also on the development team for that)
  • You can choose the format to rename the files as it is being indexed
  • Gets the meta data and images for the TV shows
  • Adds Banner Art
  • NEW!!! Custom file name formats
  • NEW!!! Creates a thumbnail image of the video if no images are found on the server
  • Bug Fixed: Series.XML to have an attribute of Series instead of Item for its meta data
  • Bug Fixed: Hangup issues


*The .NET Framwork 3.5 is required
*Microsoft .NET Framwork 3.5

Future Additions
  • No longer dependent on directory structures for the names of the TV Shows, and the Season just as long as the file contains that data, otherwise it will skip the file.
  • Let me know if you have any other suggestions/bugs





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